YIKAVA Permanent IPL Hair Removal for Women Home Use

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YIKAVA Permanent IPL Hair Removal for Women Home Use Description

Color:White The Ground-breaking IPLBoSidin introduces revolutionary IPL technology which is now only used by professional dermatologist and spas. BoSidin IPL sends light pulses to optimized to targeted melanin in the hair follicle. The light is absorbed by the melanin which heats up preventing unwanted hair from growing back, while leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. The result is an effective, and virtually painless, treatment.Unique Cold Compress HeadAdvanced cold compress technology cools the skin after treatment to soothe the area and prevent discomfort.Skin RejuvenationIt can help shrink pores, improve skin texture, enhance skin elasticity and repair the acne scar. Result in silky-smooth and younger-looking skin.Reasons To Buy1. Using BoSidin IPL results in permanent hair reduction in as little as 4 weeks.2. Skin sensor tailors the IPL treatment specifically to your skin tone.3. Uses enhanced Salon IPL technology, safe and effective use in the privacy of your own home.4. Advanced cold compress technology makes you feel better after treatments.5. At the same time of removing unwanted hair, it helps shrink pores, improve skin texture and repair the acne scar.6. Worked closely with skin care experts, the gentle mode makes it safe to use on sensitive areas or first time users.Best Candidates for TreatmentPeople with light skin and dark hair are best suited to IPL hair removal. Because the IPL targets melanin (a dark brown to black pigment) within the hair, it is more difficult to treat white, gray, blonde and red hair.Package Content:1*Main Body1*Cold Compress Head1*AC Adapter1*Safety Glasses1*User manual

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